Places to Look For Content Ideas for Your Small Business

In order to communicate properly with your customer, it’s important to know where to look for content ideas as a small business. There is a responsibility to remain on-trend and be in the know while remaining true to your brand message.

Places to Look For Content Ideas for Your Small Business

If you’re a small business owner and have no idea what to write about online, take a look at the following suggestions.

Research Online Trends 

Spend some time researching online platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Google Trends, to get content ideas. There are a variety of spaces on social media discussing or asking different questions every day that might interest your audience. 

If you invest just a little time in research, you can learn more about your potential customers’ needs. These questions are potential content ideas for your small business. 

Research Your Competition

Your competitor’s website is another way to generate content ideas. You can go through your competitor’s website to get inspiration for yours. Don’t forget about their FAQ page and social media profiles.

local news

Watch the Local News for Neighborhood Events

Is there an upcoming event in your local area that you should be a part of? The local news will help you discover these untapped opportunities.

Don’t forget about town newspapers, the Twitter account profiles or reporters that leave in your region, and paid subscriptions. Each provides their own unique nuggets of opportunity.

Connect personal passions you have with your business brand

 Is there anything you do in your life that makes sense for your business? You can write about it to connect more with your audience on a personal level. There isn’t anything like writing about what you’re experiencing. That way you give can your own account and how you solved or overcame it. 

Or perhaps, it’s something you do privately, but you realize there is a connection to your brand? If it relates to your industry, then share the information with your customer base. Send a newsletter out and connect.

Check your analytics

What is working for you? I mean… what is really working for you? Not just on a hunch.

See what is working best by checking your analytics. Check your SEO keywords, social posts that did best, social profiles that brought in the most money. Check how your visitors are locating your website and then decide what creative content you can do in those channels to attract more visitors.


where to find content as a business

Take advantage of seasonal trends. Can you create content or a new product twist related to the current seasonal trends? Do you have a service that will work best with the upcoming season? Promote it. You can be known for your seasonal content or products.

It is both creative and engaging and your audience will definitely look forward to the seasonal updates.

Generating content ideas for your small business can feel like a chore, but with some preplanning and with the right resources at your fingertips, you will have a content calendar in place in no time.

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